The tale of a family whose love spans two countries PassegeofLife The tale of a family whose love spans two countries PassegeofLife The tale of a family
whose love spans two countries

映画祭冠 映画祭冠

  • A based-on-a-true-story painful yet heartwarming tale of a Burmese family living in Japan.

    Khin, mother of two young boys, lives in a small apartment in Tokyo. She supports her family when her husband, Issace, is caught by the immigration bureau. She pours her heart and soul into her two boys, raising them in the unfamiliar language of their resident country, even as they fight day in and day out due to the stress of not being able to see their father. In a world of uncertainty, she begins to long for her homeland… A tale woven from the theme of “immigration,”an issue of interest to countries around the world, with the democratization of Burma and foreign families on Japanese soil in the background. Performed by a roster of mostly first-time Burmese actors making their film debuts, the film is depicted with such realism that it feels like a documentary, striking the viewer with its severe gaze while depicting the family with real tenderness.

  • From the first time double award-winning Japanese director at 30th Tokyo International Film Festival! Talked about at film festivals around the world!

    After passing an investigation by Myanmar’s strict censorship bureau and 5 years of production following planning, “Passage of Life” went on to receive the top prize in the “Asian Futures” category at Tokyo International Film Festival and the child actor Kaung Myat Thu received the award for best child actor at the CinemAsia film festival in Holland. It has been shown at several film festivals outside and within Japan, garnering quite a bit of attention out of the films coming from Asia. At the Tokyo International Film Festival, it was recognized as a film that is a metaphor of all the family in the worlds through depicting carefully about the story of one family.

  • 2017

    The 30th Tokyo International Film Festival / Asian Future Section (Japan)
    - World&Japan Premiere
    * The Best Asian Future Film Award
    * The Spirit of Asia Award to Director Akio Fujimoto

  • 2018

    The 11th CinemAsia / International Competition (Netherlands)
    - International&European Premiere
    * Best Performer Award to Cast Kaung Myat Thu

    The 8th Cambodia International Film Festival / International Feature (Cambodia)
    The 4th Sinag Maynila Film Festival / Closing Film (Philipines)
    The 11th Osaka Asian Film Festival / Special Screening (Japan)
    The 2nd Kumamoto Fukkou Eigasai (Japan)
    The 18th Ireland Japan Film Festival (Ireland)
    The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival / World Cinemascope (Korea)
    The 5th Diaspora Film Festival (Korea)
    The 5th Ginmaku Eigasai (Swiss)
    The 18th Nippon Connection / Nippon Visions (Germany)
    The 12th Japan Cuts (US)

  • Kaung Myat Thuas Kaung

  • Khin Myat Thuas Khin

  • Issaceas Issace

  • Htet Myat Naingas Htet

  • Yuki Kitagawaas Yuki

  • Niina Kuromiyaas Niina

  • Kanji Tsudaas
    head chef of the Japanese Restaurant

  • Screenplay/Director/Film Editor

    Akio Fujimoto